Hello Again!

I set up this blog back in 2014 when I participated in Goodbye Valentino’s RTW Fast – I successfully completed the RTW Fast, but never really blogged about the garments I made.  I love following all the wonderful sewists out there, their blogs, and the beautiful garments everyone makes.  It can start feeling somewhat stalker-like though following everyone else’s blog and not contributing anything myself.  Yikes!  So it’s a new year and there’s no better time to jump back in and start documenting the things that I make . . . and hopefully contribute in my own little way.

I always have a lot more sewing projects on my to-do list than I could possibly complete – and they change a lot throughout the year – so rather than making real specific sewing goals for 2017, I’ve come up with a list of guidelines I’d like to target for 2017:

My 2017 Sewing Targets:
  • Make most of my clothes – I’m not going to completely give up buying RTW, but I’ve found that the more I sew, the less happy I am with RTW anyway, so I’m going to try to plan ahead for events and the clothes I need and make most of them.
  • Sew from my stash – my fabric stash has gotten out of control, so I need to start using more of the fabric that I already have.  Plus, this will make room for new fabrics.  J
  • Incorporate more prints and colors – most of my wardrobe consists of solids and a lot of the same colors.  That’s just who I am, but I’m going to try to branch out a little and start incorporating more colors and patterns . . . we’ll see how that goes.  Baby steps . . .
  • Garments that I’d like to make this year:
o   Denim Jacket
o   Jeans
o   Work Trousers
o   Cape
o   Blazer

Happy New Year everyone and happy sewing in 2017!

A Last-Minute Vacation and Simplicity 1660

Hello again! Oh my - I certainly haven’t gotten off to a very good blogging start!  I’ve been busy
sewing, just not posting.  The good news is that I haven’t broken my 2014 RTW Fast.  Yay!
We took a very spur-of-the-moment trip during a school break my son had this past spring.  With only 3 days to get ready, my initial instinct was to run to the store and start buying clothes for the trip.  Hating to break the RTW Fast resolution so early in the year, I took a deep breath, went through my fabric stash and started stitching.
We were heading to an island, so I thought this silk crepe de chine in nautical colors would be perfect.  I didn’t have much time to worry about fitting, so I selected Simplicity1660 View B since it was loose-fitting.
The fabric is light weight so I sewed French seams, plus I think French seams make the inside look so much nicer. 
The only change I made to the pattern was to create a pleat in the back instead of gathering – I just think it looks little neater. 
After top-stitching I noticed the two edges weren’t quite as close as they should have been and I should have top-stitched a little closer to the center, but I didn’t want to risk leaving holes in the fabric by redoing it, so I’m just going to have to live with the little gap.

Overall, I'm happy with the blouse – it was quick and easy to put together, the silk was perfect in the heat and I didn’t break my fast!